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Rhinoshield Mod Case and Lensa macro and wide and Adapter iPhone 8 plus


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HATI-HATI Harga Murah Tapi KW ngaku ori :)
* 100% ORIGINAL Rhinoshield
* Garansi Original - 2x Money Back Guarantee
* Garansi Tukar Barang Baru Jika Ada Cacat Pabrik Selama 3 Hari

** Rhinoshield MOD 

Rhinoshield MOD ini merupakan pengembangan dari rhinoshield biasa. dimana di dalam paketnya nanti ada 2 yaitu bumper dan back case sehingga bisa dijadiin bumper only atau bumper with case. 
Kelebihan lainnya yaitu semua bagiannya dijual terpisah jadi bisa ganti ganti warna dan model apabila nanti suatu saat bosen :)

- MINIMUM SIZE MAXIMUM DROP PROTECTION - Slim profile at less than 3 mm thick, weighs ONLY 11 grams (bumper mode) and far exceeds military grade for impact protection durability. Drop tested from 3.5 meters
- INNOVATIVE DESIGN - 4 piece design consisting of Frame, Rim, Buttons, and Backplate for color mix and match. 
- MODULAR CASE - Interchangeable Backplates and Compatible with RhinoShield Add-on Lens. Switch from Bumper to Full Case Experience

** Lensa Camera Macro + 0.65X Wide Angle

Get a wide angle shot or remove the outer lens to take close-up photos that are rich in detail.
Function 2 in one 0.65x Wide Angle and Macro lens
Focus Type Fixed Focus Lens
Compatible Brand iPhone
View Angle 100
Color Black
Lens Housing Multilayer Coated
Lens Material Optical Glass
Lens Body Material High quality aluminium alloy, Anodic oxidation on the surface
Mount M12.5*0.75 mm
Lens construction 2 elements in 2 groups
Magnification 0.65x
Dimensions 25mm(diameter) X13 mm(length)
Lens weight 10.7g

In The Box:
1 Rhinoshield MOD Case iPhone 7 Plus / iPhone 8 Plus
1 Lensa Camera Macro + 0.65X Wide Angle
1 Adapter Lensa iPhone 7 Plus / iPhone 8 Plus

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