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OtterBox Pursuit Series For IPhone 7 Plus Case - Black


Rp. 450.000  
Rp. 400.000

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Ultra Thin Design :Its thin, modern design slips easily into pockets, while providing the most protection of any OtterBox case.
Sealed camera opening: allows advanced optics to capture images as designed, while sealing against phone to prevent ingress
Integrated Lanyard: Lanyard included for greater ease-of-use; added security from loss, drops.

Impact-liner : consisting of dual-purpose foam that seals every edge of case, keeping out mud, dirt, dust and snow; providing extreme shock absorption.
Port-seal: protects lightening port and speakers from the elements, while still providing quick access to them
Audio-protection: protects speakers and mic from the elements with an acoustically transparent membrane; integrated audio-scoops channel sound for optimal listening.

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